Kingdom University® Academic Policies

"Fully Engaged in your faithfulness to God to fully accomplish your ministry"
(Hosea 2:20; 2 Timothy 4:5)
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Kingdom University® is a long distance institution of higher learning. As a Christian spiritual correspondence school, it allows students to study and work at their own pace and in their own personal environment. Initially, most students will enroll in a Program, for their own edification. Excited by what they learn, many will just naturally want to share this knowledge!

Our curriculum teaches these students to share their studies in both formal and informal settings and will help provide the skills they need. These students often begin seeing themselves taking on part-time or full-time careers in the holistic health ministry; and for these motivated individuals, the sky is the limit above this new field of dreams!

Students benefit from The College's flexible and innovative approach to health. Never has there been such an extensive, spiritual and physical, holistic health study program.

You will be well satisfied with your new-found knowledge of nature, and your perceptions and approach toward wellness will be unparalleled by any other system of spiritual and physical health care in the world!

Degree-granting Authority

As a global, long-distance, correspondence school, Kingdom University™ and its Board of Directors reserves the right to grant post-secondary degrees in or from any American state or foreign country that authorizes the school, according to its articles and by-laws, to operate as an educational organization in accordance with the administrative policies, governmental laws, exemptions, state statutes, and requirements that are in place at that time.

Academic Objectives

Our goals are twofold: first, to provide students with the education needed in the Christian Health & Healing ministry, which is the "only alternative for genuine spiritual and physical health"; and second, to teach students how to teach others through a Christian spiritual counseling health and healing practice that is based on Christian Biblical principles. Our objectives are to educate the student and to graduate Professional and Christian Health & Healing Ministers and Spiritual Guides.

Enrollment Policy

When a student enrolls at Kingdom University™ the student will be asked to fill out admission forms, after which an advisor shall be assigned to help guide the student through the process of enrollment. Once the student is enrolled, the advisor will see that the student receives all necessary materials pertaining to the chosen Program of study. Any questions stemming from the Program of study will be answered by the assigned tutor, whose role it will be to help and guide the student through the enrollment process and courses.

Lessons & Procedures

All lessons will require reading material, and some also require videos. Study of the material may be followed by short Self-Help Quizzes, Progress Tests and Final Examinations. The student will be allowed to go at his or her own pace, which is one of the great benefits of distance learning through correspondence. There are no time limits for completing courses. After completing courses with a satisfactory grade, and after paying the full tuition for the courses taken, a degree and certificate will be issued and mailed to the student no later than four to six weeks.

Academics Admissions Policy

There are educational requirements for those seeking to enroll at The College. A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required to enroll in the Bachelor's Degree Program. Students desiring a Master's Degree Program must have completed the Bachelor's Degree Program, and those desiring the Doctorate Programs must have completed the Master’s Degree Program. Upon The College's evaluation, student transfer credits from another school may be accepted on an individual basis.

Confidential Records

All records are confidential, except general information under the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act." If a student does not want any information released, he or she must file a written notice stating those wishes. Students have rights to access their records.

Grading System

The Kingdom University™ issues grades based on a G.P.A. system (grade point average system). A 4.0 G.P.A. is the highest level, while 0.0 is the lowest level. A level of 2.0 must be achieved for the undergraduate and certificate Programs, while a 3.0 must be achieved for the graduate Programs.

Grading Reports

All grading reports will be sent provided that all financial and academic obligations have been met.


Upon written requests and provided all academic and financial obligations have been met, students may request their transcripts to be sent to other schools or employers.

Credit & Degree Transfers

All credit and degree transfers will be determined on an individual basis. Crediting courses will depend, therefore, on our evaluation of comparable courses completed. All transcripts requested by The College will be released and sent directly to The College for approval and recognition. Transferring credits and degrees attained at The College to another college or institution is at the discretion of the accepting institution, college, or university; and it is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether credits will be accepted. All credit and degree transfers must be submitted in writing to The College, providing that all financial responsibilities have been met and satisfied.

Credit Inter-Program Transfers

All similar degree courses, including certified courses can be credited and applied towards other B.S./ M.S./ Ph.D. Degree Programs within The College curriculum subject to authorized written approval.

Credit for Work/Life Experience

A student who meets the minimum admission requirements may qualify for equivalency credits that convert to credits that can meet the general education requirements found at most universities and colleges. These requirements may be met by work, personal life, and/or professional experiences such as the following: training seminars, military training programs, workshops, independent reading studies, curriculum studies, proficiency examinations, job training, and through other means which shall be determined by a "Profile Credit Equivalency Assessment." Completion certificates may be requested by The College for such experiences. Verification of knowledge and material the student wishes to submit should be sent in a portfolio format for evaluation and assessment.


All diplomas will be sent, once all financial and academic obligations have been met.

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