Kingdom University® Catalog

Kingdom University® is a fully accredited, Distance Learning, Christian Correspondence School, which includes accreditation as a Christian College Online among Christian Colleges and Universities. Our Online Bible Degrees and Online Christian Degrees are all accredited such as a Christian Counseling Degree Online or a Pastoral Counseling Degree Online. In addition, a Pastoral Counseling Degree is available through Distance Learning Correspondence.

Students study at their own pace and leisure while they gain valuable information that will serve as a large reference library for lifelong use.

Our graduates, as Christian Holistic Health Ministers, are qualified to heal the sick through the spiritual and physical means that are based on Bible Theology.

Our Ordained Ministers can qualify for their own organizational charter when available. Charters may be issued to any licensed and Ordained Minister by the Christian spiritual organization Christology providing that all Christian spiritual tenets and creed are strictly observed.

Our Christian College Catalog

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"Let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement that contaminates either flesh or spirit" (2 Corinthians 7: 1)