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Kingdom University® offers Christian Degrees and Bible Degrees such as a Biblical Studies Degree or Bible Degree as well as other degrees such as a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Theology; a Biblical Counseling Degree or a Pastoral Counseling Degree. Although we are not strictly a Theology or Divinity School, for the student interested in attaining a Theology Degree or a Divinity Degree, our Christian University offers a Doctor of Theology (Ph.D. Theology) or Doctor of Divinity as well as a Master of Divinity, which are all based on Bible Theology. In addition, we provide either a degree in Christian Health or a degree in Christian Spiritual Healing such as a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Health & Christian Spiritual Healing that are, as well, based on Biblical Theology. For the student who does not wish to attain a degree, we provide the "Basic Ordained Minister Program."

For students who are not able nor wish to physically attend classes, The Kingdom University® Distance Learning Programs provides Online Christian Degrees, a Bible Degree Online, an Biblical Studies Degree Online, a Biblical Counseling Degree Online, a Christian Counseling Degree Online and a Distance Learning Theology Degree including a Master of Divinity Distance Learning Degree and other Online Divinity Degrees such as a Doctor of Divinity.

Unlike various Christian Colleges and Bible Colleges, we offer degrees in Christian Health and Christian Spiritual Healing that are based on Christian Biblical Theology.

Our students learn about  nutritional deficiency and toxicity, the two primary causes of disease, which lead to the defilement of flesh and spirit and discover the secrets of the Christian Bible that teaches a biblical diet, including its anti-aging properties and ability to bolster the immune system.

Students will learn how to apply Biblical principles in relation to the bible diet and how it helps you to avoid the poisons taken in or formed by the body resulting from the harmful effects of eating a contaminated flesh diet for a variety of reasons, such as chemical additives, preservatives, mercury found in fish, bad food combining practices, etc.

fruit and vegetable basketThe bible diet is excellent for weight loss as well as attaining optimum spiritual health and healing of the mind, body and soul. Our University enrolls the largest number of "raw food vegan" students in the world based on Bible Christian Teachings, although we teach the acid/alkaline balance in relationship to proper food combining that may be applied to most diets, vegan or flesh, and will improve the digestive efficiency and higher energy levels and health of the body.

The bible diet, of course, is the ultimate diet to help anyone attain the highest level of Pristine Natural and Vibrant Health that will help one to avoid the defilement of flesh and spirit before God.

Biblical Studies Degree Study Program
Bachelor of Biblical Studies B.Phil.
Master of Biblical Studies M.Phil.
Doctor of Biblical Studies Ph.D.
Biblical Theology Degree Study Program
Bachelor of Theology Th.B.
Master of Theology Th.M.
Doctor of Theology D.Th.
Biblical Counseling Degree Study Program
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling Ph.B.
Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling Ph.M.
Doctor of Biblical Counseling Ph.D.
Degrees in Christian Health & Christian Healing Program
Bachelor of Christian Health & Christian Healing B.A.
Master of Christian Health & Christian Healing M.A.
Doctor of Christian Health & Christian Healing Ph.D.
Ordained Minister online and correspondence program
Ordained Minister

Ordained Minister License

Christologist Certified program
Christologist CC
Divinity Courses-Online Divinity Degrees-Divinity Degree Program
Master of Divinity  (CHRISTIAN DIVINITY) M.Div.
Doctor of Divinity  (CHRISTIAN DIVINITY) D.D.

(NOTE: *These are not metaphysical degrees, religious degrees or religious minister degrees including religious ministry degrees. These are Pastoral Degrees and Christian Degrees in Theology, Divinity and Spiritual Health and Christian Healing as well as Biblical Courses or Christian Healing Courses in Christian Health Courses, Healing as well as Theology Courses and Divinity Courses that are based on Biblical Theology through our Bible Programs.

"You must choose life in order that you may live"
(Deuteronomy 30:19)